Coffee Gets Functional—Mediterranean Style

25 April, 2017

Take a functional coffee break at Vitafoods!
NutraT, next-generation instant drink powders boosted with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, will be launched in functional coffees developed by Mongibello, France, at Vitafoods, Geneva on May 9-11, booth No. B20.
Mongibello launches a new line of functional coffees containing NutraT, a novel, Mediterranean ingredient line. The nutraceutical coffees are designed for use in ETNA coffee machines. Four coffees make up the launch: Detox—coffee containing CynaxT artichoke extract; Cardio, with OliveT olive extract; Relax with RosT, a lemon balm extract; and Mental, with Ginseng EFLA®913, a unique ginseng extract produced using Frutarom’s HyperPure proprietary technology to ensure 100% pure and safe ingredients. These highly soluble nutraceutical ingredients are directly dispensed by the ETNA coffee machines into the hot beverage, creating delicious, yet functional, coffees. use soluble powder formulas that dissolve easily in water, soft drinks and dairy -to-, a line of readyNutraTproducts, was developed by Nutrafur S.A., Spain, now a member of the Frutarom family. Thanks to its high thout turbidity, and delivers a fresh, great taste.solubility, the finished beverage stays clear, wi
“With NutraT, drink manufacturers can fortify their products with exceptional natural extracts from Mediterranean origin that typically are not water-soluble” says Yannick Capelle, Product Manager for Frutarom Health. “We are excited about these functional coffees from Mongibello. This demonstrates that the possibilities for natural and soluble functional ingredients can go beyond the standard cold beverages. helps developers of new functional drinks combine fresh flavors with extracts delivering The NutraT line Mediterranean diet.” sence of thethe es label -All NutraT ingredients are formulated without preservatives or synthetic colors, enabling clean“Frutarom specializes in using the latest science to tackle are certified kosher and halal. claims. They also and tasty solutions using ingredients derived solubleinnovative, highly cal problems and provide technologiCapelle.from nature,” adds
On-premise coffee and tea remains a growing segment within the foodservice industry, with sales at coffee houses alone reaching $21.6 billion in 2016 (Mintel). Despite the fierce competition from retail products, coffee houses stay one-step ahead by offering consumers innovative beverages.
Thanks to the right amount of bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols and citrus flavonoids, along with the balanced taste, NutraT works exceptionally well in this innovative application, where maintaining the exquisite taste and aroma of coffee is essential.
Need that morning cup of coffee when at Vitafoods, Geneva? Drop by the Frutarom Health Booth #B20 and experience these innovations in action. Try NutraT’s ingredients in all four fresh and functional coffees.
Visit us at Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, May 9-11, 2017, Booth #B20.